GDS (Global Distribution System) Marketing

You will receive expert advice on free and paid advertising campaigns. These include text-based messages and promotional descriptions to enhance awareness of your hotel product, daily submission of news/promotions on all GDS 'free' marketing screens, update of all Supranational corporate AIS/DRS pages, and assistance in preparing GDS marketing campaigns: message selection, text writing and price negotiation.

Chakela can also assist with rate checks and Advise on content of marketing messages.

Corporate Marketing Communications

Chakela provides dedicated resource to promote Chakela and participating hotels to the networks of TMC and Consortia travel agents to ensure Chakela hotels are top of mind when they are booking. The key communication methods are:

  • Call Centre flyers
  • Targeted destination specific banner ads
  • eNewsletters
  • Travel agent contests
  • EFlyers to corporate bookers highlighting hotels accepted into corporation programme

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